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Brake & AC Repair

Brake & AC Repair

At Redlands Auto Electric located in Redlands, CA, our highly skilled technicians can tackle any issue plaguing your vehicle. However, we specialize in brake repair and air conditioning repair. Keeping both of these systems working at peak performance allows you to breathe a little easier while you’re cruising around. Our team can help you maintain these vital systems and prevent any costly repairs down the road.

Your brakes are a critical system in your car, and they’re function should never be left to chance. Keep yourself and your family safe by having your brakes checked regularly. Our team can offer advice on when you should expect to replace brake lines, pads, and rotors. Stay ahead of brake problems and give yourself a little peace of mind in this hectic world. The last thing you want to think of while driving is your brakes. Stop in today to have them looked at to ensure they are in perfect working order.

Never Ignore Warning Signs When It Comes To Your Brakes

Have you ever turned your air conditioning on in your car and nothing but room-temperature air comes out? Temperatures in vehicles can reach up to 150 degrees on hot sunny days, and that’s when AC becomes a safety issue and not just a comfort issue. Below we’ve outlined some of the common issues that are usually the culprit when your vehicle’s air conditioning isn’t working:

Our goal is to provide you with the best service at the best rates without wasting your time. For more information about our services or to schedule an appointment, please contact us at 909-792-4776.

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